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5 Simple Ways to Inspire Your Next Project

Every project we handle at Lamco has a purpose, a message that our clients are trying to share.  Brands message us every day, in a variety of forms.  What makes us remember some, and forget others?  Creativity.

Whether you are trying to develop a new message that will help your brand stand out, or create an unforgettable presentation, creativity is key.  Here are five ways you can overcome creativity hurdles and spark your brain into your next big idea.


Momentum Matters

When we step back and look at the enormous challenge of creating a new, innovative project you can feel overwhelmed easily.  As a result, we might delay getting started.  Some of the most successful creatives of our time learned the secret of taking action, or building momentum, to topple even the largest of challenges.

When you break down the creative task into smaller, more manageable steps, you start to compile easy wins.  When it comes to your next project, defining your target audience, developing a theme, or simply picking a color scheme will make one small step of progress towards your end goal.  These tasks also help your mind start thinking creatively.  Building up easy wins quickly develops a momentum that is hard to stop.


Support Strengthens

Are you attempting to be creative around individuals who tease you for your wild ideas?  Are your friends mostly the straightforward, non-creative type?  Sometimes, those around us are the secret to creativity.  When we worry about how others will judge us, we are reluctant to leave our comfort zone.

Talk through your challenges with some of your more creative friends and family members.  Unsure where to start?  Try visiting a local coffee shop, or art gallery to immerse into a creative crowd.  Surrounding yourself with those who embrace bold ideas will help you overcome the fear holding you back. Suddenly, you might find yourself thinking of ideas and approaches to your project that you never would’ve imagined previously.


Environments Influence 

Surrounding yourself with distractions can hinder your creative spark just as much as negative individuals.  Ringing phones or email chimes can disrupt your ability to string together ideas during a brainstorming session.  Great ideas for your next project usually develop as the result of a chain of ideas or events that influence your brain.

If you are struggling with creative ideas for your next project, relocate to somewhere completely different.  Try the local park, or a bench in a high-traffic area.  Leave as many devices and distractions behind as possible, and allow your mind to wander.  You never know what might cross your path and leave a lasting impact.


Judgment Destroys

We are taught to filter our thoughts as humans, and this limits our ability to let creative ideas flow naturally.  Our judgment can destroy a great idea, which seems a bit crazy at first glance.  Letting ideas escape your mind first, before you start to judge their worthiness helps your creativity escape your natural filter.

We suggest creating a list of 50 ideas for any new project you are struggling to develop.  The process is simple, number a sheet of paper from 1 to 50.  In one sitting, start writing out as many ideas that come to your mind as fast as you can.

Once complete, look over your answers for trends or duplicate ideas.  Since you were focused on speed, you weren’t given the opportunity to judge.  You will notice some ideas will start to jump out or appear several times in your various answers.  Use those concepts as the foundation to build your next idea from.


Keep a Notebook

Unfortunately, creativity cannot always strike when we need it most.  A great way to avoid getting stuck on your next idea when you need it is to start collecting ideas before.  Use a small notebook or the notes section of your phone to keep a running list of ideas that might pop in your head during the course of a day.

Having these notes to reference might help jog your memory for a great idea, or might drive the next big idea before you realized you were ready.


At Lamco, we are constantly working with our clients to develop creative ways to deliver a memorable message.  If you find yourself needing to connect with your audience, but are not quite sure how to do it – we can help.  Sometimes an outside perspective can help you develop a great concept, and our years of experience can identify all the possibilities for your brand.

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